Bright yellow urine:Yellow colored urine

 Bright yellow urine causes

What causes bright yellow urine?

Bright yellow urine: Like having urine that is green in color, bright yellow colored urine is also caused due to some fluctuations in the internal environment of the body. This can be considered as something serious if it prevails for a longer span of time, but usually it is innocuous. Our excretory system is responsible for eliminating all the unwanted substances of the body. It also has to monitor that the right substances in the right amount are restored to the body and the substances left behind are sent out through urine. It’s quite often that the substances left over are the ones that give strange colors to the urine and thus your urine appears of different color.

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Common Causes

  • The most common cause of bright yellow urine is different kinds of vitamins that we take in occasionally.  Vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A and carotenes found in certain foods are the most common ones causing this color of urine. Generally clear urine is thought to be a favorable sign, but sometimes clear urine can be a sign of body highly deficient in vitamins. So bright yellow color does not always mean something bad.
  • Another cause might be the water concentration in the body. More water definitely means clearer urine. But for a body that is dehydrated, body will excrete urine of intense yellow color because water is not the major component of this one and more chemicals are being excreted in the form of urine.
  • Some infections or minor problems of kidneys might also be the cause of bright yellow urine but they account for very rare cases.
  • Too much acidic content accumulated in the body can also cause this outcome. This acidic matter, when voided out through excretory system, gives bright yellow color to the urine. Being able to excrete acids through urine is particularly the sign of an active body, but not very commonly.
  • Drinking water with the meals causes the urine to be clear because all the water, instead of taking part in the body’s metabolism, is directly flushed out of the body through urine. Taking water about one or two hours before the meals is useful for the body and helps to retain water as well.
  • Some medicines also turn urine bright yellow.


  • Clearing urine that is too much concentrated can be done effectively by drinking plenty of water. 8 glasses of water are the absolute necessity of every individual. This amount keeps away all the abnormalities.
  • Bright yellow urine shows that your body is losing most of its salts very frequently. This can be compensated by taking water-dissolved salts or oral rehydrate salts. Certain juices will also serve the purpose. This can also be accomplished by drinking plenty of water along with the intake of some fruits having high concentration of mineral ions like banana.
  •  Try to drink as much as you can and always before you feel an urge for drinking water. This is also scientifically beneficial.
  • Visit any physician if you don’t feel very comfortable when having this problem. He might be able to help you in a better way.

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